Robin Bell on Healing, Authenticity, and Peace

Robin Bell on Healing, Authenticity, and Peace

Robin Bell | Lukafit Spotlight

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."
~ Hippocrates

Robin Bell is a symbol of transparent beauty, peace, self-love, and inspiration. 

We asked Robin to share more about her journey to self-love and undying motivation. 

Lukafit: We are sitting down with Robin Bell today. Robin is a member of the National Yoga Alliance and teaches classes at Sip at C Street Flats in Laurel, Maryland. Robin also offers private sessions for Reiki, Thai Reflexology Massages, and yoga to clients in their homes, her home, and at Hippocratess Way Wellness in Lanham, Maryland. 

Let’s dive in, so Robin, what are a few things that keep you motivated to pursue and evolve on your journey of self love?

Robin: The top 3 things that keep me motivated during my journey of self-love and discovery are: 

  1. My family, knowing that in order to be the best, mother, wife, daughter, sister and auntie that I can, I must first be my best self for myself.
  2. My desire to serve and love others, knowing that I can only do so effectively when I first love and care for myself.
  3. My desire for peace, love and balance in the world, knowing that they all begin with peace, love and balance within myself. 

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Lukafit: Giving your best everyday does require self care and awareness of your own needs. Can you please define self-love and what it means to you? 

Robin: My self-love can be defined as authentic. I have learned that in order for me to truly love myself and others, I must be my authentic self, and walking authentically in the world. I show myself love by prioritizing my physical, emotional and mental health... taking walks with my dog, practicing yoga, listening to music, eating healthy foods, and getting rest. I show myself love by choosing to be in authentic relationships with others. I show myself love by saying "no" to those things that do not align authentically with me. 

Lukafit: Authenticity is one of the most challenging endeavors today with so much noise and subconscious influences of social media. What are some lessons and personality traits you’ve discovered about yourself that have caught you off guard? 

Robin: Some hard lessons and personality traits that I’ve learned about myself are that I am extremely sensitive... sensitive to energy, sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, and sensitive to how others interact with me. I am an empath. I manage these sensitivities through my healing and spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, yoga and reiki), through connecting with the people in my life who love and pour into me, and by reminding myself to not take everything personally.   

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Lukafit: Not taking things personally is easier said than done, and greatly impacts our journey to self-love. When did you start falling in love with the woman you are? 

Robin: I didn't truly fall in love with myself until I turned 40, after I completed my first yoga teacher training. I am now 50, and this 10 year journey of self-love and self-discovery has been the best years of my life so far. 

Lukafit: Finding one’s self is a journey every woman needs to take. At Lukafit, our goal with these spotlights is to encourage women to start the journey of self-love whenever they feel compelled. What Black woman in your life would you say inspires you to keep on your personal journey? 

Robin: The Black woman who inspires me the most is my mother. If I had to describe my mother in one word, it would be "love". She is the embodiment of love, which is exactly what I want to be. 

Lukafit: Love is what we all aspire too, Robin. Your mother is surely incredible. Who else inspires you? 

Robin: I am plugged into a health and wellness community, and I am blessed that it is one that I organically co-created. My health and wellness community is filled with my yoga students, wellness clients and business partners. We support each other, not just in our health and wellness goals, but also in our everyday lives. 

I contribute to this community through not only my yoga and meditation classes, and wellness classes and services, but also by being as supportive and loving as I can when I am needed. I make myself available authentically to those in our community. 

Lukafit: Your authenticity shines through. Thank you so much for your beautiful transparency and sharing a small bit of yourself with us today. And before we go, what is a personal mantra or quote you live by? 

Robin: The quote, mantra, scripture that I try my best to live by is: Micah 6:8:

"And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Lukafit: “To act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Is a mantra we all can live by or at least should aspire too. 


Thank you so much Robin for sharing your story with us. To stay connected with Robin follow her on Instagram @robinhicksbell.

Learn more about her health and wellness services @robinbellyogawellness

Please keep in mind that until further notice, Robin is currently only holding classes virtually.


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  • Sandra G Everett

    This is such a beautiful and encouraging article. Robin Bell’s transparency shines through not only in self love, but in the love and compassion she shows to those of us who are blessed enough to be in her classes and receiving her gentle instruction.
    Thank you Robin!!

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