Sherrell Moore-Tucker on Balancing Self-Love in the Workplace and Beyond

Sherrell Moore-Tucker on Balancing Self-Love in the Workplace and Beyond

Sherrell Moore-Tucker | Lukafit

Ensuring wellness in the workplace and beyond. 

Meet Sherrell Moore-Tucker. She is a community and corporate wellness provider. 

Her journey to self-love reaches beyond the norm and harnesses the power of lifestyle wellness. Sherrell’s been featured in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine and has also appeared on television several times including: WJLA’s Good Morning Washington, Fox5DC’s Good Day, Fox45 WFBB, and BMore Lifestyle.

Lukafit: Thank you for joining us Sherrell and sharing your amazing journey of self-love with our Lukafit sisters. Let’s just dive right in. How would you define self-love and what it means to you? How do you indulge in it? 

Sherrell: I define self-love as acceptance. Acceptance is not static. It is ever-flowing and evolving as we grow and learn to accept every part of ourselves including our lived experiences in these amazing melanated bodies. I express love to myself when I say no, when I rest, when I daydream, when I laugh, and when I cry. These are acts of love that affirm my humanness and offer me the freedom to be fully strong and fierce and at the same time fully vulnerable without shame.

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Lukafit: Acceptance, what an amazing word that can literally transform one’s life and experiences. As you’ve learned to accept things around you and yourself just as you are, what would you say are the hard lessons you’ve faced and the interesting personality traits you’ve discovered about yourself along the way? 

Sherrell: I am an introvert and I’m finally glad about. I now focus on the beauty and the benefits of spending time alone and in my head with moments of extending beyond my comfort level as I evolve and grow.

I’ve learned to embrace a sense of pride in my military service. Like many as a Black woman I don’t feel safe in this country but I am not ashamed of my service to this country. I learned skills, met amazing people, and obtained a mindset that supports my ability to be resilient and prayerful.

I’ve learned to work less and celebrate more!

In my 20s I was trying to figure it all out and made mistakes along the way.

In my 30s most of my energy was spent on proving myself to the world and to myself.

Now that I’m in my 40s I reflect on my past and gain wisdom from it versus denying a part of myself that has evolved. I so appreciate the universal flow of life, faith, and time.

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Lukafit: Ah, the universal flow of life, faith, and time, indeed. Your journey through the years proved to be invaluable in your self-love journey. When did you first step out in your new found confidence and self-love? 

Sherrell: I started stepping into a new level of confidence in 2006 when I went against the grain and I stopped relaxing my hair. Natural is pretty common now but in the early 2000s products were not plentiful and glares came from Black and White people. I had good and bad hair days but through it all I learned to appreciate all of me while also letting go of perfection.

Lukafit: The transition to natural hair is the beginning of many Black women's self-love journey. What Black woman inspires you the most and why? 

Sherrell: I am inspired by my mom, Rosie Moore. Without a lot of recognition or fanfare she is living and thriving thousands of miles away from her immediate family. She showed love and care to adults with intellectual disabilities for 20 years, survived health challenges, boldly made lifestyle changes for her health and well-being, raised me and my brother, retired, and continues to live her best life with minimal health issues at 72 years young.

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Lukafit: Moms are often the foundation of self-love for so many of us. What other roles do your community and family play in your self-love journey? 

Sherrell: Both were pivotal for me. Growing up I was surrounded by beautiful, smart, thoughtful, funny, and loving women in my family and at church and that’s what I wanted to be growing up - impacting and serving others.

However, my community and society as a whole challenged those seeds. Some good seeds were planted along with some bad seeds. In my teens I struggled with my brown skin and thin frame. However, after joining the Army and moving into adulthood I began to embrace the woman that I was becoming with the understanding that I didn't have to be perfect and have it all together in order to love myself unconditionally.

Lukafit: Yes, sometimes the world around us makes us question what we see in the mirror and that can be very challenging. Where would we all be without the love and support of our family and loved ones? And in conclusion Sherrell, please share your mantra to live by. 

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Sherrell: “What is the lesson here?” This simple question has changed my perspective on how I respond to my life experiences. My time and energy are precious and it is my desire to grow in wisdom versus bitterness. Sometimes God shows me the lesson and other times I rest in not knowing, assured in my faith that the lesson will be revealed without me having to seek it out.

Recently, I launched MindBody FAITH, a lifestyle and wellness brand rooted in faith with services and products designed to help communities live well inside and out. We offer meditation candles with the hope that communities will be inspired to meditate with God daily.

Lukafit: Reflecting, thinking things through, and meditation is at the heart of every self-love journey. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and for offering products uniquely designed to inspire a commitment to self-love and growth, Sherrell. 

To stay connected with Sherrell follow her on Instagram @sherrellmooretucker or visit her online at to place your first MindBody FAITH order. 

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