HEY GIRL HEY! Lukafit is the first activewear brand with a mission to help Black women look and feel amazing. 

The name Lukafit is partially derived from the Zulu word juluka, which means to sweat. Sweating releases “feel good” endorphins, detoxifies the body, and gives you a healthy glow, so we like to sweat a lot.

A model joyously runs through grass. She is wearing a black tank top and turquoise Lukafit leggings.



I’ve been health conscious for as long as I can remember. 8 years ago I became a (mostly vegetarian) pescatarian and I’ve always loved staying active - especially running, hiking, and dancing. However, I didn’t participate in sports growing up and couldn’t seem to consistently drag myself to the gym in adulthood, so I never quite developed the muscle tone I desired and would often complain about it.

After many years of starting and stopping different exercise programs on my own, I started a fitness group with 10 of my friends. With all the motivation and accountability from our check-ins I found myself exercising 4-5 times per week - Every. Single. Week. I had never been able to maintain that kind of consistency on my own.

With more regular exercise I finally started to feel more confident about my body and had a regular outlet to sweat my stress away. I figured other women could benefit from a motivating community, so I started a health and fitness group for Black women in New York that has grown to over 800 members and counting.

Like me, most of the women I’ve met along my health journey want to get stronger, healthier and feel more confident. However, it’s tough to feel confident in leggings that don’t fit properly and have huge gaps at the waist. It’s frustrating to support brands that treat women of color as tokens in their advertising, if we’re even included at all. It’s difficult to stick to your health and fitness goals consistently when you’re going it alone.

I started Lukafit to address all of these issues. Lukafit provides activewear that fits our curvier bodies and a supportive community of sisters united in self-care. 


Health and happiness,


Lukafit Founder Mbali Ndlovu on top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles



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