Tara Aura on Healing, Growing, and Blossoming into Herself

Tara Aura on Healing, Growing, and Blossoming into Herself

Lukafit #WhyWeMove Blog Spotlight about Tara Purnell aka Tara Aura Self Love and Healing Journey

Feel good. Pack light. Get down. 

Tara’s approach to life is simple and inspires harnessing the power of self awareness in the midst of a storm. 

We are humbled to share Tara’s story. 

Lukafit: Hello everyone! Today we are sitting down with Tara Purnell, aka, Tara Aura. From surviving emotional trauma to becoming a yoga certified teacher in the midst of life’s challenges, her story is one of self care, self empowerment, and self discovery. 

So Tara, what are some of the things that keep you motivated on your journey of self-love and discovery? 

Tara: I love that the word discovery is here in the question because it reminds us that parts of us may be undiscovered. I‘m motivated by my own hindsight, by intimate relationships, and by Black artists to explore, question, and discover the character and dark corners of myself and my people as often as possible.  

For me it’s important to look back to see how far I’ve come. As a survivor of emotional abuse, dating violence, and reproductive health trauma, the way I’ve healed, grown and blossomed into myself keeps me interested in the person I’m becoming.

I also consider how far we’ve come as Black people—and the idea of breaking through toxicity to protect the power and strength of that lineage. I think a lot of us have adopted some harmful theories, attachment styles and coping mechanisms to survive multigenerational trauma. I intend to be the change I want to see in the world. 

Looking ahead, I’m also motivated by a vision of the future that’s full of loving, healthy, prosperous Black folx. 


Lukafit #WhyWeMove Blog Spotlight about Tara Purnell aka Tara Aura Self Love and Healing Journey


Lukafit: Multigenerational trauma is definitely something we as a people struggle with overcoming. Promoting self-love, health, and prosperity is everything to us here at Lukafit. But naturally, it’s easier said than done. So tell us how do you define self-love and what are ways you show yourself love? 

Tara: For me self-love feels like being my own best friend and actively caring for myself unconditionally. 

The ways that I show myself love are manifold: I sing love songs to myself in the bathroom mirror— I actually created an entire playlist of love songs to sing to myself! I cook and eat clean, organic foods, avoiding things like dairy, alcohol and sugar that I know cause mood swings and inflammation in my body. 

I use amazing high-quality products on my skin and hair, and I take baths. I surround myself with beautiful things and people who bring out the best in me. I regularly invest in my own peace of mind with yoga, breathwork and sound meditations. I take naps. I’m honest with myself. The list goes on and on! 

Lukafit: You had us at love songs. Your self-love is real, raw, and refreshing. What are some hard lessons and personality traits that you’ve learned about yourself that took awhile for you to accept as you discovered more about yourself? How do you deal?

Tara: I love myself, but my confidence constantly ebbs and flows. I was bullied as a child and teenager, so it takes a lot for me to feel safe stepping into my power. When I listen to my heart, I do feel bursts of courage, and I‘ve learned to strike while the iron is hot. Every time I do this, I fall in love with myself a little bit more.


Lukafit #WhyWeMove Blog Spotlight about Tara Purnell aka Tara Aura Self Love and Healing Journey


Lukafit: Self love is a beautiful journey that gives us courage to do amazing things and overcome our fears. Often friendships and the support of loved ones pull us through. With that being said, tell us about the beautiful people you’ve met along your path to self-love and the fitness community you are involved in.

Tara: My fitness friends are constantly encouraging me and affirming my practice with little adoring comments, invitations to join them in a class, or their joyful presence when I’m teaching. It really means a lot for someone like me, who understands words of affirmation and dedicated time as dominant love languages. 

@BlindSeed is my own wellness collective that I started a few years ago—bringing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks into the center of wellness events and weekend retreats. I’ve also been teaching weekly yoga classes at Black-woman-owned @UrbanAsanas for several years, and I adore the community that badass owner Jyll Hubbard-Salk has fostered there. 

I met Jyll thru a mutual friend shortly after finishing my yoga teacher training, and we fell in step with each other like yin and yang. I’m a new contributor @HealHaus too! I’ve been part of their BIPOC-centered community as a neighbor and supporter since they opened two years ago, but now I’m teaching yoga and leading intimacy workshops with them as well. 


Lukafit #WhyWeMove Blog Spotlight about Tara Purnell aka Tara Aura Self Love and Healing Journey


Lukafit: Wow! Your influence and reach just keeps building. That’s awesome. Working hard to build each other up and promote sisterhood, self-love, and community is always at the core of Lukafit. Thank you for sharing your story with us today Tara, and thank you on behalf of all the beautiful people you inspire and pour into everyday. 

To connect with Tara and follow her journey visit www.taraaura.com or on Instagram @taraaura.

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